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Messaging for
a new era of work

We're re-imagining your workspace to help you stay focused and get more done

Razzle is ...

Deisigned to distract you less

Stay in flow

Razzle is designed to be as minimal and distraction free
as possible.

Eliminate notification anxiety

Focus mode is on by default

Find stuff faster

Quick and easy search from your command bar

Do more with A.I

Gives your team superpowers

Writing marketing copy, or need help with data extraction? A ships with 2 embedded AI models

That's not ALL

Coming soon...


Ever got into your messaging tool and there's so many messages and channels you wonder where to start?

Just tell Razzle what you want to focus on and let it find the messages for you

First party support for
Zoom and Google Meets

Want some face to face with your colleagues?
One click and you're calling them.